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January 6, 2013
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Lord of the Guardians by DustyLeaves Lord of the Guardians by DustyLeaves
Super lame title I know HAHA oh god

First batch to the Lotr!AU with Rise of the Guardians ! Next up will be Tooth, Sandy and North ! c:
Below is my idea of how they could fit into the Lord of the Rings universe, and remember it is only my take on it, and it's not the right or perfect! I am still not too sure about my stories and I have a lot of holes I need to fill out, so I only have the 'basics' down. I wanted the RotG characters to be able to be in the story, without being a huge influence like being a King or Queen, it's only Pitch who has a pretty big role, but I've made it so it doesn't change the story-line for LotR considerably. (or I hope at least)

Jack Frost
Jack is a sindar elf who was cast away from the elves at the age of 18.
He was accused of killing one of his friends, when in reality he tried to save him. In the progress of trying to save his friend from a dangerous fall down a cliff, he received a major blow to his head and tried to find his way back to the elves.
The news had come before him, and as he couldn’t explain himself nor remember much of what happened, there was given no other choice but to send him away. He didn’t resist or try to convince them otherwise, as his memories started to falter and he forgot what he and his friend was even doing out there. His wound was treated before he was sent away, and a few weeks after, his memory of that place was completely gone. Jack had a lot of problems remembering the littlest things after this and had to ‘train’ his memory into working again, this took him a couple of years to master.
Everything before he was 18 is a blur and he can’t remember anything about his family or the people he once knew.
300 years after, he is known as a mischievous rascal, who is on no ones side and gathers information all across middle earth for his own amusement to learn about the world as much as can. When he doesn’t know his own story, he might as well know everyone else.

E Aster Bunnymund
For him, I’ve chosen to simply call Bunny for Aster.
He is an easterling (hoho, Easter) and a Haradrim. It is described that the Haradrims were under control of Sauron, but against their will.
Aster was one of the few that decided to go against him and gathered 10 people to come with him, giving them hope that they could get help somewhere out in the world.
They fled their country to middle earth, but along the way they were attacked and seen as spies. Aster was the only one who survived and managed to escape to Rohan. He hid in a stable and was near death, until a large man found him and brought him into his house. Luckily for Aster, this man was a kind and forever forgiving man, who looked past Asters origin and treated him. As Aster finally woke up, his savior introduced himself as Nicholas, and told him to call him North. North introduced his adoptive daughter, Ana, and explained how everyone is welcome in his house, no matter where they come from.
After many years, Aster managed to get the kingdoms trust and became a spy and knight for Rohan, in the hope that one day he could make them help him restore his kingdom back to its normal state and throw Sauron off his throne.

Kozmotis "Pitch" Pitchiner
Pitch is the Witch King of Angmar.
When he received one of the nine rings, he didn’t fall because of greed but because of love. The life of his daughter was threatened, and to spare her life he agreed to work for Sauron for as long as he lived and into the next live, as long as her life was spared and she was protected.
Because his wrath and power builds on love, he has become the strongest of the nine and became the With King.
As someone pointed out on tumblr; this is why no man can kill him; it has to be a woman; someone who resembles his daughter.
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So cool. The characters still look like themselves and have that epic fantasy feel.
I can totally see them in the LOTR-verse. You put a lot of thought into the background stories, nice details ;P
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